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The New Dad

Bonding with your baby is not as complicated as it sounds and it is one of the best thing that can happen to you!

A new soul in the family is always about happiness but it is also about a lot of changes for moms and dads. Being dad is getting up after every hour or so when you have in the morning isn’t the ideal way to live your life but you still got to do what you got to do! Being a dad isn’t a walk in the park, it is a full time job in addition to your other full time job which gets the food on the table.

While being a dad may look disheartening, unlikable, challenging or upsetting to the uninitiated, nothing can prepare you for how you’ll feel when it’s your baby. A smile from your baby and the first time the baby says “thaathy” to you makes all the over time work worth it.

Being a dad isn’t only work it is a gift from God which you can never stop cherishing. And to be the best dad to your baby you need to follow the basics every dad has to follow:

The greatest dad skill is the one that keeps you from screaming or throwing your baby across the room when he has been crying for a few hours straight.
  • Keep laughing through all of the ups and downs and it will end soon, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly your baby’s childhood becomes a mere memory.
  • Despite how babies seem to rule the house from the moment you bring them home but they actually grow on regularity in routines.
  • Changing a diaper, making formula, installing a car seat, these things take real learning for dads to accomplish and do repeatedly.
  • Babies need physical attention as much as possible, as well as for many years beyond. There is no such thing as loving your baby “too much”.

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