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Moulin Rouge, movie of the Decade

Moulin Rouge, movie of the Decade

2001 block buster movie, 'Moulin Rouge' has been voted as Best Film of the Decade.
With the development of the cinema industry throughout the world, the number of cinema lover has been increased remarkably. In this regard, the producers & directors are tremendously trying to improve the quality of the films globally, with more technically advanced movies. So after working marvelously, movies needs appreciation too. By considering this fact, to rank the movies in a best top movies list, is a good idea indeed.
The 2001 musical film 'Moulin Rouge', which was directed by Baz Luhrmann and has starts like Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman has topped a survey of 150,000 movie fans; and now ranked as the movie of the decade. The movie has secured the first position after beating the movies on the second and third status, namely Batman epic 'The Dark Knight' and British zombie spoof 'Shaun of the Dead' into second and third place respectively. After these movies on the first three positions, then comes the 'Lord of the Rings' series and 2001's 'Fellowship of the Ring' coming in fourth place and 'Return of the King' in sixth.
'Moulin Rouge' received the best movie award of the decade because of its out class cinematography with a heart-touchy love story, along with innovative and lovely soundtrack. All these creative masterpieces make the movie best to get such an award.

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