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Hollyoaks fans will be ‘speechless’ by County Lines end as twist leads to ‘fall’ of Victor

Hollyoaks viewers were left distraught over the murder of teenager Sid Sumner on the Channel 4 soap this week, as evil Victor struck again.

But viewers hoping for someone to get revenge and take down Victor for good may not have too long to wait.

Sid was stabbed and killed by drug lord Victor in harrowing scenes on Tuesday, while his death was not announced until Wednesday.

The teen, who was trying to record a confession from crime boss Victor to get him sent down for good, died in Ste Hay’s arms in emotional scenes.

Speaking exclusively to The Mirror, Sid actor Billy Price teased his character’s death would have a major impact on what comes next.

He revealed that it spurs on a chain of events that will eventually lead to the “fall and burn” of the County Lines organisation in the village, and boss Victor.

Billy added that fans will be left “speechless” by the end of the plot, whenever that may be, as the village comes to terms with what has happened in the past year.

He told us: “I think we will start to see the County Lines fall and burn, as Victor becomes weaker and the odds are no longer in his favour.

“He is out numbered, the village has come together for strength in numbers.

“Sid’s death brings the village together, everyone feels they need to come together and get rid of this bad egg for once and for all! Before more lives are lost.”

Billy went on: “His death hits hard and causes a chain of events to unfold. We will see the fallout over the coming weeks, with it ending in a way that will leave you speechless, and restore to the village what they almost lost.”

On what comes next, he added: “Ollie and Ste team up to tie Victor down.

“This is something that Ollie feels like he HAS to do as he feels guilty and responsible for causing Sid’s death.

“Sid started taking Victor down and it’s only right that Ste finishes it. Ste has lost almost a brother/son. He is as courageous and determined as Sid. Victor is not walking away from this.”

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