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Miley Cyrus Fans Slam Liam Hemsworth As Avengers Premiere Video Resurfaces

Miley Cyrus fans are discussing the singer’s relationship to ex-husband Liam Hemsworth as a video of the former pair resurfaced.

In 2019, the Wrecking Ball singer and the Australian actor attended the premiere of Avengers: Endgame, also starring Liam’s brother, Chris Hemsworth in the role of Thor.

In a clip shared on Twitter, Cyrus and Hemsworth pose on the red carpet. When Cyrus mimics licking her then-husband, he appears to be visibly annoyed at her. The actor mouths the words “Could you behave for once?” slagging off Cyrus. The Hannah Montana star seemed uncomfortable but continued posing hugging Hemsworth.

“I can’t believe that he really loved the Miley Cyrus we know, he always wanted to transform her, at least that’s what it looks like,” one fan commented on Twitter. They also posted a short video of Hemsworth looking embarrassed while being interviewed with Cyrus on the red carpet.

“My baby’s face when he said that, she’s soo pure and loved him waay too much for nothing,” was another comment on Cyrus’s reaction.

One fan tried to be objective and understand both Cyrus and Hemsworth. “I see both sides. He said behave which I understand because he doesn’t wanna ruin anything but the way he said it was terrible. She was trynna be herself and he shut it down for no reason,” they tweeted.

Two years may have passed since this event but now fans are taking Miley’s side and slamming Liam for behaving like this. Finally, one fan said they would have signed the divorce papers the next morning.

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