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‘Real danger’ Queen will never see Prince Harry’s son Archie again, royal author claims

With nearly two years having passed since Prince Charles held his grandson himself, the next heir to the throne fears his mother the Queen might never be able to see her great-grandchild ever again.

According to the details, the Queen “will never see Archie again” claims a royal expert because Meghan Markle “won’t return to the UK again”. Archie has not seen any of his British relatives since he was six months old, and Dampier has claimed the toddler may never see the Queen again.

Royal expert Phil Dampier spoke to New Idea regarding the distance wedged in between the prince and his grandson and he was even quoted telling the publication, “Like the Queen, Charles is very sad not to see Archie, who is growing up so fast. Charles has been able to see Archie online, of course, but it’s not the same as hugging your grandson.”

He told The Sun: “I think there is a very real danger the Queen will never see Archie again or never see her new great granddaughter which is tragic.

“I can’t see how when they [Meghan and Harry] go on about compassion and family problems but don’t let their grandfather or great-grandmother see Archie.”

Phil said of the Duchess of Sussex: “I don’t think she’ll ever come back to the UK. I think she’ll get a hostile reception from quite a lot of people. It wouldn’t surprise me if she never came back. It is quite possible the Queen will never see her again.”

However, Ingrid Seward, editor of Majesty Magazine, told Fabulous: “I’m sure the Queen will see Archie again, I’m certain she will, it will be important to Harry and Meghan and his future that he knows his other grandma. At some stage Archie will come over, definitely.”

Speaking of Meghan, Ingrid said: “I think she will come in the next year or so, especially to counteract all the criticism, she needs to be seen bonding in a way with the other side of Archie’s family.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex now live in an £11million mansion in Santa Barbara, California, after stepping down as senior royals in March 2020.

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