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Kim Kardashian ‘doesn’t look like her photos’ as fans beg to see ‘untouched’ pictures

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Fans are remarking on how different Kim Kardashian appears after she posted a photo on Instagram showing off her brand-new bangs and little makeup.

Since the Kardashians first appeared on our screens in 2007, we have seen them mature, get married, have kids, and experiment with many various hair colors and styles.

We look at Kim Kardashian’s “light glam” and what her new hairstyle and cosmetics are getting from fans.

Kim sent a photo dump of images showcasing her “light glam” to her 353 million Instagram followers. She is shown marketing her skincare product in the photo, which she captions: “light glam skin prep w @skkn.”

The mother of four showed off her legs in the last full-body photo, while the previous three photos focused on close-ups of her face.

As seen by the post’s almost 1.5 million likes in only 14 hours of being up, fans obviously liked the new appearance.

The mogul’s Instagram followers flocked to the comments section to discuss Kim Kardashian’s appearance, with some praising the new hair and cosmetics. She ‘didn’t look like herself,’ according to those, who disagreed.

One reader said, “The bangs are everything.”

“Gorgeous. One person said, “Something is different, but gorge.

Someone else said, “This is not at all like you.”

Another person said, “Literally she looks nothing like these photographs.

Others praised the natural makeup appearance, saying “You are more beautiful in light makeup.”

However, some viewers weren’t buying it and demanded to see the original, unedited copies: “I would give every penny I have to see the original, unedited versions,” one admirer said.

Then there were the admirers who believed the celebrity resembled her younger sister, as one wrote: “3rd pic is giving @kyliejenner.”

Kim has often been contrasted with her younger sister. She was seen sporting a pink bikini a few months ago in unedited photos after people complained that she resembled Kylie Jenner more than she did herself.

Kim Kardashian has lately been living her best life, as shown by the fact that she attended an Usher concert weeks after seeing Katy Perry, in addition to flaunting her brand-new hair.

Along with his new fiancé Lukas Gage, the celebrity went to the show in Las Vegas with hairstylist and closest friend Chris Appleton.

While Kendall’s reported new love interest, Bad Bunny, was singing at Coachella, the rest of her family, including Kylie and Kendall Jenner, were seen having the time of their life.

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