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Ex-Army boss believes Prince Harry lunged himself in ‘awkward position

An ex-army boss, who was close to Prince Harry over the years, has come forward to give his personal thoughts on some of his ‘certain’ life decisions.

The ex-boss in question, Lord Dannatt touched upon the prince’s future during his interview with Times Radio and there he was  quoted saying, “I had a lot to do with Prince Harry over the years” he admitted, “I’m still in close contact with him and I’m a huge supporter of Prince Harry.”

“He’s made certain life choices including where he’s living and what he’s doing and that places him in an awkward position with regards to other things that are very important to him, which is playing a role as a member of the Royal Family and particularly being involved in charities.”

He concluded by saying, “Now, it is difficult for him to square that circle at the present moment, but he continues to have my support. Over time he will make a great contribution to our national life as he has in the past.”

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