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King Charles “played blind with Harry and Meghan” in his attitude to the coronation: Royal expert

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King Charles “played blind” with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in his approach to his coronation according to a royal expert. Despite the fallout from Harry’s explosive memoir Spare, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are anticipated to be welcomed to the coronation on May 6.

Former BBC royal reporter Michael Cole talked to Sky News Australia earlier this month regarding whether or not the couple will attend the upcoming royal event. Michael praised the monarch’s handling of the situation, saying: “The king has indeed played a dud here.

“He made it clear from the start that his youngest son and his youngest son’s wife are absolutely welcome at the coronation.” According to a royal expert, King Charles (seen earlier this month in Milton Keynes) has “made it clear” that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be “utterly welcome” during his coronation in May.

The expert noted how “the ball is in their court” and pointed out that they may be perceived as “petty and mean” if they opt not to participate. According to the royal expert, if they travel over from California, they risk being accused of “hypocrisy” after publicly criticizing the institution in their six-part Netflix special.

It comes after the couple’s pals revealed last week that they are “in limbo” and are evaluating the “millions of different variables” affecting their choice. According to insiders close to the Duke, Harry wants to be by his father’s side on “just about the most important day” and hopes to repair his poor relationship with the royal family.

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According to sources, the decision was “complicated” since the pair may be accused of “snubbing” the family by not going, but they also risk “being booed or labeled a hypocrite.” Friends of the couple claim they will not decide whether to attend the coronation until an official invitation comes to their home in California.

They will then decide whether to attend the historic event together or if Harry, 38, will travel alone. It’s also possible that neither will show up. If either Harry or Meghan, 41, visits the UK for the event, it is anticipated their stay will be “brief”.

The pair, who are rumored to be “on the edge” about attending the coronation, will produce a six-part Netflix special in December 2022. The coronation of King Charles III is set for May 6, 2023, with invitations due to be issued soon.

According to a source close to the pair, if Harry attends the coronation, he would prefer to meet with the King and Prince William before leaving the United States. Despite the fallout from Harry’s explosive book Spare, which was released this month, the Sussexes are expected to be invited to the coronation on May 6.

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