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Make the World Dance

make the world dance

make the world danceJust like any other form of expression, dancing is what makes the world go round and is a true form of manifestation, in the real meaning of the word. Legendary writer Vicki Baum rightfully said that ‘there are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them.’

Dance has the magic in it to transform and transcend you to a whole new level.  It elevates you, takes you to a new pedestal, gives you the room and the space to explore your potential and improves and strengthens your imagination. Moreover, it renders your body litheness and flexibility, therefore giving it a more supple form.

Dance has always been a means of expressing man’s thoughts and feelings regarding life. It is simply the beauty of movement and gives expression to inner feelings. Dancers have been witnessed to vent out their pent up energy in the form of dancing. Dancing easily becomes the medium for emitting out feelings of anxiety, angst, anger, happiness, glee, joy, excitement or even melancholy.

Dancing also teaches you ways of using your body creatively; helps you gain flexibility and balance and make you feel good about yourself. It is a tremendous way of keeping your body young and juvenile because it retards the aging process immensely.

Moreover, as much as dancing is good for your physical health it is equally good for your mental health too. The constant remembrance of dance steps and routines improves your memory and hence, proves to be a great mental exercise for your brain too.

Dancing is creative and recreational. It gives you the opportunity of enhancing your social life by making new friends. What is more is that since dancing knows no cultural boundaries and barriers, it is culturally and ethnically diverse; therefore giving you more space for social acknowledgement.  And then you wonder why dancing is baked deep into all the cultures? Available n a multitude of forms and varieties, dance is one thing which is similar between an array of cultures.

Dance is an apt way of expression, of letting out suppressed feelings and dormant sentiments. You dance and you feel the world around you become a better place. Some call it escapism, some call it dreaming, we call it expressing. So yes, next time you hear Lady Gaga singing ‘just dance, it’s gonna be ok…’ believe her, because it really is gonna be ok.

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