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Kardashian Sisters in Leopard print dress!

kardashian sisters in leopard print dress

Kardashian Sisters in Leopard print dress

Seems like Kardashian sisters are so much in love with that leopard jumpsuit that almost all the girls from K family are donning it in different styles! Let’s see, who wears it the best!

Khloe Kardashian sported the stunning piece in promo ads for the line while the bust Kim Kardashian took the same leopard print jumpsuit to the red carpet at the collection’s launch party on Aug 17.

Similierly, aspiring model Kylie Jenner totally transformed her elder sisters’ style with looking pretty in the print along with black Birkin bag on her album release party.

However, the stylish Kourtney Kasdashian was the one who completely transformed the look. Doning a simple black cardigan and a pair of platform pumps, Kourtney absolutely made a fashion statement of her own in a bright turquoise and gold necklace.

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