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This abandoned Russian town is frozen in time, these images prove it

Images have been released for this now abandoned Russian town that has completely frozen in time. Check out the proof here.

There is something quite creepy about abandoned cities and towns, and there is even something creepier when they are photographed frozen in time.

One photographer took a drone to a once population coal-mining town called Vorkuta, which is just north of the Arctic Circle.

The town is now abandoned and has been completely frozen in time, with buildings covered in snow and ice. The temperatures there are as low as 60 degrees below zero and can even drop below 60 in the winter months.

The photographer behind these incredible shots is Maria Passer, who is based in Moscow. Maria traveled to the eerie town and captured several birds-eye-view images, which can be seen above and below.

Maria explained to CNN, “To attract miners to live in hard climate conditions the salaries here were really good. It’s really a tragedy that many people have to leave their houses and to go to live somewhere else. But these locations, they have an abandoned beauty. I’m trying to see this, and to show this, in my pictures.”

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