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Lose Yourself on Floor with Salsa Dance

lose yourself on floor with salsa dance

lose yourself on floor with salsa danceBefore reaching to New York City and making people move to its steps, Salsa Dance had already traveled a lot of places around the globe which make Salsa Dance rich in history and a true example of amalgam created by mixing up different cultures. But initially, Salsa Dance started off from Cuba.

Mixing it up!
Salsa Dance is basically a mixture of many different forms of Latin dances, African dances and Caribbean dance forms. Salsa Dance is purely a couple dance performed by partners. Salsa is a Spanish word which also shares itself with an interesting food item too and that is, the Salsa Sauce.  Initially, Salsa Dance began through the popularity of Salsa music on radio in the late 1950’s.

The Dance Moves!
Unlike many other dance forms, Salsa Dance does not occur by moving all around the dance floor; rather, it takes place by partners standing at fixed spots on the dance floor. Normally, only eight beats are used in Salsa music over which the specific Salsa Dance moves are carried out. Both the partners are actually doing weight changes Salsa Dance which are truly inspired by the “Cuban hip movement” during the dance. The use of arms is initiated by one of the partners who take the lead of the Salsa Dance and the other partner follows the lead during the different Salsa moves. Normally, there are two basic positions of Salsa Dance. One is called the open position and the other one is called the closed position. In closed position, the hand of the leading partner is on the back of the follower while, the hand of the follower is at the shoulder of the leader.

Moreover, in the open position, the partners can hold hands with each other and do various dance movies of Salsa dance by staying closer to each other and moving around each other. In Salsa Dance, very critical importance is given to body posture, positioning of hands and fingers, foot movements, attitudes and the chemistry between the partners because all this beautifies the Salsa Dance and makes it get done to perfection.

Super Styles!
Salsa Dance has now evolved a lot with different variations that have become a part of it through different cultures. For example, Salsa Dance has many different styles including; Los Angeles style, New York style, Cali style, Miami Casino style and a lot more. It is a guarantee that whichever style of Salsa Dance you opt for, you will certainly enjoy it to peaks.

Today, Salsa Dance has become one of the most sensational forms of dancing all around the globe. It is full of life, beautiful to look at and even more amazing to perform. It is ideal for couples who want to share their passion through dancing. Many different dance academies worldwide train and teach Salsa Dance to people through simple ways. So, it you are interested in learning this very interesting form of dance then contact your nearest dance academy soon!

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