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How to know if it’s time to change job

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Finding the perfect job can be a long and windy road for most of us. It’s unlikely that the first job we have will be the same one we stay in years down the line or that the industry we start in will be the one we stick with forever.

In fact, nowadays people change jobs once every five years on average in the UK and once every four years in the US. Changing jobs can be daunting as you navigate the world of applications, interviews, new faces, and places so how do you decide if it’s time to make that move? Keep reading to find out if it’s time to change your job.

You don’t feel challenged

Starting to feel like your day-to-day tasks are blending into one? You’re probably not feeling challenged enough in your role and this is never a good sign. If you find that you are demotivated and no longer feel passionate about your role, this problem is probably only going to get worse. In any job you want to keep learning, using your skills, and progressing so moving to a different or perhaps bigger company could make the difference.

Sometimes it’s not necessarily a case of not enjoying your job and the company you work for but thinking ahead you just can’t see any room for progression or development. This is not something that your company should take personally nor should you feel guilty for wanting to better yourself, it is only natural to want to keep progressing so don’t limit yourself out of loyalty or friendship to your managers or bosses.   

Your job is affecting your personal life

If your job is starting to have a negative impact on your personal life, this is a major reason to look for a new one. Depending on the industry you work in you may want to have a complete separation between your job and your private life so if your workplace doesn’t allow for this it may be time to move on. If you find that you can’t switch off at the end of the day, are stressing about working out of hours, or are maybe even putting in extra hours with no reward, your mental health is likely to suffer.

Another common factor amongst employees leaving their job is the of dread going to work. Of course, we might not bounce out of bed every morning but this feeling of dread of returning to work shouldn’t be creeping into your personal life during weekends or holidays so easily or so regularly.  

You are not being fairly reimbursed

One of the main reasons why employees choose to move companies is because they are not earning enough. Most of us would agree that money is not everything but if you are not fairly paid for the time, work, and dedication you put into your job then this is as good a reason as any to think about leaving. Rising living costs may also not help with this problem and it may be essential for you to move on.

Being fairly reimbursed is not only about how much you are paid but also about how you are valued as an individual and that work is evenly split amongst the team according to their experience and responsibilities. If your company does not appreciate the knowledge and skill you bring to the table it is probably worth exploring your other options.

Before changing job

There are some things to consider before changing careers. If you are generally happy in your role but have one issue, say not being paid enough or work is not being shared fairly, it may be worth speaking to your manager or HR to see if the problem can be resolved to save you the upheaval of a new start.

If you do decide to go through with leaving for a new job, you may be required to have an exit interview so that the employer can understand your reasons for leaving and improve for future employees. You can find exit interview sample answers here for some help.

It’s a good idea to leave any job remaining on good terms with bosses and colleagues as you never know if you will bump into them again or have to work together at some point in the future. If you find yourself in a job with the problems mentioned above, you may be long overdue for a change.

Finding a new job could improve your mental and physical well-being as well as give you the chance to progress and do something more worthwhile. Think about what you are looking for in a new role, what you want to prioritize and achieve in your career and take the leap to find a job that fulfills these needs.

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