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The Boob Artist

Boob Artist

Boob ArtistThis is Marcey Hawk. She’s an arist. But not just your ordinary, everyday, regular artist; she’s a boobie artist. No, she doesn’t paint pictures OF breasts, she paints pictures WITH breasts. Her breasts to be exact. Ooh, but what if she painted pictures OF breasts WITH breasts? Yeah: boobception. Boob AristUnfortunately, they’re just abstract paintings. She utilizes different techniques like “just the tip,” “squish and swirl,” and “tittie twerk.” Well, that all sounds very… artistic? The breasty paintings have fetched nearly $500 a pop and she’s even sold pieces to some pretty high profile people like Hugh Hefner. Well that’s not particularly surprising — the man likes titties! And can you blame him? No, no you can’t. It’s just the facts!

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