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Angelina Jolie refuses to interact with other people due to her trust issues: Rumor

Angelina Jolie struggling with her varicosestruggling with her varicose
Angelina Jolie, allegedly, refuses to interact with other people and Brad Pitt is to blame.

According to Star, Angelina Jolie is struggling to trust other people because of what happened to her and Pitt.

As such, the Maleficent: Mistress of Evil star is only hanging out with her six children.

“She’s pretty much alone. It’ll take a leap of faith for her to trust her heart again. She really isn’t interested in interacting with people outside her immediate support system,” the source said.

The insider also said that Jolie’s biggest concern right now is the custody of her kids. And thinking of ways how to make sure she’d win over Pitt is taking up all her time.

Unfortunately, the tabloid thinks that it’s only a matter of time before Jolie’s kids tell her that they no longer want to hang out with her.

After all, they’re getting older and they don’t also like it when their mom touches their phones.

“She’s as protective a mom as anyone could meet, but they’re smart kids who would welcome seeing Angie enjoy herself and let loose a little bit. She’s basically cut herself off to live in this self-imposed bubble. It’s kind of sad,” the source said.

However, Angelina Jolie has been adamant at saying that she enjoys spending time with her children.

In fact, the Unbroken director has also been saying that her children are her main priority.

So, it’s unlikely for Jolie to be living a lonely life just because she hangs out with her children most of the time.

It is also possible that Jolie hasn’t been photographed with her family and friends due to the coronavirus pandemic and not because she’s a recluse.

Meanwhile, there have been several other rumors surrounding Pitt’s ex-wife this week.

Globe claimed that Jolie has become too thin that she now fits in her daughters’ clothes.

“Normally, she weighs a very slender 119 pounds, which is still quite low for someone of her stature. But she’s winnowed down to a pathetic 96 pounds. She barely touches a balanced meal, her sleep pattern’s way out of whack, and of course, the stress levels have never been worse,” the source said.

However, there’s no proof that Angelina Jolie has been wearing her children’s clothes because of her excessive weight loss.

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