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Experts touch on Prince William, Harry’s growing lack of connection

Kate Middleton

A royal body language expert recently got candid about the lack of connection between Prince William and Prince Harry.

The claim has been brought forward by the expert Blanca Cobb and during her interview with US Weekly she was even quoted saying, “We would expect with the unveiling of their mother who they both loved tremendously, that there would be some kind of emotion, that they would look to each other for some type of support.”

“That’s not anything that we saw. During the unveiling, Harry looked over at William, ‘are we going to pull at the same time, what’s going on’ – there was a lot of non-verbals there. Afterwards, there really was no connection between the two.”

The expert concluded by saying, “You would anticipate that there would be some kind of words or non-verbal communication between siblings and it wasn’t there. From that perspective, it really gives a sense that something isn’t quite right.”

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