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William and Harry ‘need to meet in their pain to be able to move into forgiveness and heal rift’

William and Harry ‘need to meet pain move into forgiveness

In latest Prince William and Prince Harry news, the brothers need to ‘meet in their pain’ to move into forgiveness to heal their ‘rift’, a personal development consultant has said.

Harry and William will reunite today at Kensington Palace as a statue of their late mother Princess Diana is unveiled to mark what would have been her 60th birthday.

According to reports, the pair swapped messages about England’s win over Germany at the Euro 2020.

What’s the latest on William and Harry?
A source told the Daily Mail: “It is still far from good between them.

“But there has apparently been an exchange of messages, particularly about the football, which is a step in the right direction, if only to do honour to their mother.”

Meanwhile, sources say William and Harry have an “unspoken agreement” to put their differences aside at the statue unveiling ceremony.

An insider told the Mirror: “The ceremony should be and will ultimately signify a coming together for the right reasons.

“Certain things don’t need to be said, it’s an unspoken agreement to do what is right in that moment.”

There’s been suggestions the brothers could reconcile after the event, however, it may take a long time.

According to ‘The Man Whisperer‘ Kenny Mammarella-D’Cruz, William and Harry need to separate the logical from the emotional before bringing them together again.

How can the brothers heal their ‘rift’?
He explained: “Sometimes emotions can make a person think illogically…

“…so I would advise William and Harry to focus on the facts first, then bring in their emotions…

“…which in turn can help them to forgive one another, as well as themselves and those in power around them.”

Kenny said there’s an effective three-step process which the brothers could take to help them heal their relationship.

These steps are listen to each other and accept their different perspectives and then ‘feel’ into their own and each other’s perspectives.

Finally, the third step is once logical and emotional are met, forgiveness and healing happen.

He concluded: “When William and Harry can meet in their pain…

“…beyond the details, dramas and the abandonment of the vulnerable inner-child by the adults in the lives and the men that they are today…

“…then they can safely breakthrough as men, separately as well as together, and begin to move into forgiveness.

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