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A Woman Defend Wendy Williams After She Quickly Checks Fan Who Tried to Help Her to the Car

Wendy Williams

Media expert Due to health difficulties, Wendy Williams may no longer be a regular presence on radio or television, but that does not mean she has lost her ability to sling serious shade. It was discovered by a lady who offered to assist the influencer but instead pulled out her phone to record the “act of kindness.”

According to Good Housekeeping, Williams announced to the public in 2019 that she had been diagnosed with lymphedema, a condition that causes swelling in her limbs, including her legs, ankles, and feet. It restricts the movement of bodily components and makes movement difficult in addition to being quite apparent. The former talk show presenter finds it challenging to walk because of this.

Williams has started to travel outside more during the past couple of months. She usually has a security detail, but lately, she appeared to be by herself and required assistance getting to the curb. She made a cry for help.

Queen Nurys posted a video of herself stepping out of the car, clinging to the door, and requesting assistance on TikTok. The woman can be seen waiting for Williams to leave the store when the video resumes after being cut off.

Do you need help? she asks Williams as she extends her hand and grins for the camera. Miss How You Doing fired off her dismissal with her trademark “No!” I attempted to help her, but she had a horrible attitude… WTF, the individual who posted the video in both English and Spanish wrote. I hope you’re feeling better, Wendy.

Supporters defended Williams, claiming that she was clout-chasing and had used her phone to “assist” one of America’s most prominent persons in order to gain some social media capital.

“Let the phone go and she may have let her help her,” wrote Harriet with the Lox. Pecan Brown Fine said, “How you attempting to help somebody with a phone in your hand filming them & expect them to be courteous about it.

One individual merely criticized the woman, stating, “It’s crazy watching how she gaslit like that talking about Wendy nasty… Baby, remove the phone from her face. “No, the elderly woman was trying to be amusing, and Wendy saw it. Back The F Up!

Another commenter said, “You were assisting for clout, Ma’am,” while another added, “Clearly you not trying to help. You are taping her; she is aware of the situation. After COVID-19, Williams has seen several setbacks. She has gone to the hospital many times over the last three years for various issues, and she has fought with her bank and previous financial advisors about her money.

She has been in court with her ex-husband, who left their marriage to raise his kid with his girlfriend, while juggling her health issues, losing her show, having her family speak out about her, and maintaining control over her funds.

Even though times have been difficult, Williams has received kindness and compassion from certain people. As she emerged from Fresco The next week, she ran across several paparazzi who had been recruited to photograph and film her by Scotto.

Williams was seen by celebrity photographer Johnny Nunez, who requested a picture. When her handler assisted her in walking toward the flashing lights, she gave him a kind smile. Williams responds, “It’s sexy right?” despite being significantly slimmer and sporting some shorts and a Louis Vuitton fur jacket.

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