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Camilla, Queen Consort, Puts Prince Harry On Blast Ahead Of King Charles’s Coronation

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Queen Camilla will dress down Prince Harry if she so chooses since it is her coronation. And Camilla, Queen Consort, has decided that it is time to respond to her stepson after the terrible and humiliating disclosures in Spare and the 60 Minutes interview.

The Queen Consort, Camilla, is attacking her stepson with the help of a close friend and royal staffer. Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, labels his stepmother a number of derogatory terms in this confessional book, including “other woman, dangerous and evil.”

He held her responsible for upsetting his parents’ difficult marriage and ruining his formative years. Additionally, he said that after marrying King Charles III, Queen Camilla felt frantic to shed her notorious reputation as a mistress. To become a well-liked and adored member of the Royal Family, she embarked on a PR campaign.

In order to accomplish her objective, she revealed scandalous information about Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton. A close friend is helping Camilla, Queen Consort, fight back and express her thoughts to Prince Harry ahead of the greatest day of her life.

The Marchioness of Lansdowne, a steadfast friend of the Queen, did Camilla, the Queen’s consort,’s dirty work in an interview that appeared in the Sunday Times.

All of Camilla, Queen Consort’s private feelings on Prince Harry’s scathing disclosures and charges were spoken aloud by the deputy lieutenant of Wiltshire.

She said, “It was not stamping of feet or gnashing of teeth, and it was much more of an eye-roll response.” while describing King Charles’ wife’s reactions to the reading and hearing Prince Harry’s humiliating statements. She continued by stating that Prince Harry’s opinion of her and her decisions has upset Her Majesty.

Of course, it troubles her, of course, it aches, she said. She doesn’t, however, let it affect her. She has always believed that the least stated about something, the sooner it may be fixed.

The Marchioness of Lansdowne continued to defend the Queen Consort by saying, “She was out alone without any protection. She would come and stay with us with the kids, and that was how we could assist. One day, I went to get her out of Middlewick since there were cameras near every one of her windows.

According to Lady Lansdowne, the Queen had an “incredibly tough 1990s” because of the scandals and cameras, which helped to toughen her up.

“But she is resilient, and she was raised with this extraordinary sense of duty where you got on with it, don’t whine, put your best face on and keep going, and it has stood her in very good stead, ” the speaker said. Even though it was awful at times, she managed to get through it thanks to her sense of humor and the support of her friends.

Laura Lopes’ godmother, Lady Lansdowne, said that she never battled for recognition and said, “She didn’t ever presume anything about whether they could ever be together. There was never a plan of any kind. She would chuckle simply thinking about it back then.

The marriage was rather intimidating, but she was able to handle it. She was aware of what would happen after they were married. The fact that she has stepped up at age 75 is astounding. When most of us are settling into retirement, it’s a hell of a thing to be doing.

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