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Wendy Williams abandoned by her friends and living in isolation following a rehab stint: ‘Wendy’s a Lost Soul at the Moment’

Wendy Williams shares a Glam Photo

Wendy Williams, a former talk show host is allegedly living in seclusion following her release from rehab. The 58-year-old completed alcohol treatment in October and has apparently been living alone in her apartment in New York since.

Williams’ friends have abandoned her, according to RadarOnline, and she only keeps hired workers around. Her former friends, according to sources, have been subjected to months of her “unhinged behavior” after “The Wendy Williams Show” was canceled last June.

“All the people who hung on to her when she was on top as a daytime diva has headed for the hills and don’t even answer her phone calls anymore,” a source told the outlet. “Wendy’s a lost soul at the moment, and there are fears if she continues to be ignored and ridiculed, she’ll spiral into her old habits again.”

The outlet also claimed that Williams’ team works hard to keep her clean and sober while she waits to launch her podcast, “The Wendy Experience,” which has yet to be revealed. According to sources, TV executives have described her recent behavior as “toxic and unemployable,” citing her absences from “The Wendy Williams Show” and other “embarrassing public episodes.”

The Sun reported earlier this month that Williams’ podcast seemed to be on hold, despite a source suggesting it would be “coming soon.”

“Wendy’s podcast is coming to life and is in its planning stage,” said the source. “Wendy is enthused to get out there and is building a product that is precise and exemplifies her and the needs of her fanbase. All good things take time!”

Kevin Hunter, Williams’ ex-husband, recently rejected a request to restore his alimony. The couple separated in 2019 when it was revealed that he had fathered a child with another lady during their marriage. Hunter submitted the motion after stating that his alimony payments will be stopped in February 2022 and that he was behind on his bills.

The Sun also released an interview with her brother Tommy Williams in November 2022, in which he voiced concern about his sister.

“I have no belief that Wendy is doing as well as she was doing when she was down here, in Florida,” he said. “I know there are evil-doers lurking about.”

Tommy went on to claim that he thought his sister was on the wrong path by partying with 25-year-olds. Last May, the former radio personality was supposedly placed under conservatorship.

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