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Ana Ivanovic-Hottest Sports Celebrity

Ana Ivanovic Hottest Sports Celebrity

Ana Ivanovic Hottest Sports CelebrityAna Ivonic – hottest sports celebrity Tennis Player

Stars actually shine on skies but sometimes they come down to the earth in the form of super-celebrities such as Ana Ivonic a known tennis player. She is the world’s number one tennis player from Serbia. She got this much fame in a very young age.  Ana Ivonic is aggressive and it is her identity. Ana Ivonic is the most popular tennis star from all over the world since 2003. She plays for WTA that stands for Women Tennis Association.

Ana Ivonic Biography:

Let’s have a look on Ana Ivonic Biography to know that how she become a tennis player. Ana Ivonic was born on November 6th 1987 in Yugoslavian’s metro Belgrade. Ana Ivonic was the daughter of a businessman and a lawyer mother. She got inspired by a Monica Seles, a tennis player at the age of five and started following her. At first, she got training on an empty swimming pool fearing bombardment in the day time by NATO in 1999. Along with being a tennis buff she studied finance from the Yugoslavia University.

She still has the first racquet that her father gave on her fifth birthday. She has kept it in her room’s cupboard. Ana Ivonic was first come into the light when she beat others in the tennis final 2004. After it she won her first single title in Canberra, Australia. She beat Melinda Czink in that game. After this a whole chain of success started for her. She started beating top WTA celebrities in that string like, Nadia Petova, Vera Zevonevia, and Svetlana Kuznetsova.

In 2006, Ana Ivonic was ranked as the world’s 14th best woman and after it in 2007, good lucked showered over her again. She became the world‘s top 4th woman tennis player among the 5 top players. And in 2008 fall, she was claimed to be the World’s second top by Women Tennis Association WTA. The same year she became the first in Serbia and the third in Yugoslavia top ranked woman who won a grand slam women title.

Ana Ivonic‘s Achievements:

She is the most amazing star of this plant earth. Being the hottest tennis celebrity, Ana Ivonic has been competing women tennis singles since 2003; she has won 11 Women Tennis Association titles. She enjoys the top 12th position on the Women Tennis Association (WTA) beating a star like French Tennis Player Dinara Safina in 2007, and being a runner up in both French tennis Open 2007 and Australian Open in 2008 is defiantly not a joke!

Ana Ivonic is very famous for her professional behavior and aggressive matches.  She got awarded for seven times.  A good number of single performances are to her credit. Ana ivonic is always at her best in the tennis court.

She is a star who has a number of top positions such as she was on the top 99th position in 2008 in the,’’The Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 most beautiful Women from all Around the World’’, ranked 59th in number in ‘’hot 100 women list’’2009, and then again in 2010, 55th in FHM United Kingdom list of ‘’top 100 sexiest women in the world’’.

Ana Ivonic Picture Gallery

Ana’s picture gallery proves that she is indeed the top class superstar of the century. The hottest star in the tennis world, get here Ana Ivonic picture gallery to see that this hottest tennis player is no more less than with any of the upper models. Ana Ivonic picture gallery shows her face beauty and hottest figure look.

Photo by GoFundMeCover Image Source: Getty Images| Photo by Rachpoot
Photo by Carrie Underwood/InstagramPhoto Credit: Getty Images@/Splashnews.com

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