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Caroline Wozniacki – The Hottest Female Athlete

Caroline Wozniacki Female Athletes

Caroline Wozniacki Female AthletesOne of the hottest female athletes, Caroline Wozniacki, was born in the month of July, 11. Caroline Wozniacki plays as a Danish tennis player and that too professionally like other beautiful female athletes in this field. A little about this female athlete, Caroline Wozniacki, has managed to attain the position of the 20th rank and as the first Scandinavian female athlete to come up to this level. Recently, Caroline Wozniacki held the position of being world no.1 on the WTA Tour. Caroline Wozniacki successfully managed to hold this position for about sixty seven weeks.

Beautiful Female Athlete- Caroline Wozniacki’s Playing Style

Caroline Wozniacki, the female athlete plays in a style that she centers on the defensive aspects of tennis ball just with her expectation, her spontaneous movements shaped into alertness and brilliant footwork. This beautiful female athlete has her hands at the back as her greatest weapon used while playing tennis. Caroline Wozniacki is able to turn her defense into an offense style. This beautiful female athlete prefers to use the backhand down the line. Many colleagues of Caroline Wozniacki call this female athlete a counter-puncher due to the defensive style through which she plays it.

Personal life of the Beautiful Female Athlete

Beautiful female athletes are most often paired with handsome hunks. Caroline Wozniacki is not behind in this hype of media hooking her intentionally with another male athlete. Caroline Wozniacki’s best friend in the field of tennis is a fellow mate who is a Danish tennis player as well. Malou Ejesgaard has been seen with the beautiful Caroline Wozniacki because he has also played doubles with her in as many as five tournaments at least. Other than playing tennis, Caroline Wozniacki, the beautiful athlete has also shown interest in playing handball, swimming occasionally piano playing, soccer and other types of things. Thus, according to the Teen Vogue magazine, beautiful female athletes have a diverse playing life besides their professional line of playing any sport.

It has been reported by the Turkish Airlines, that Caroline Wozniacki signed a contract with them of three year time so as to have a sanction with them. Also, the beautiful female athlete has dedicated herself to the fan club of Liverpool. Many times the female athlete has been spotted wearing a signed shirt of the famous footballer Steven Gerrard. This was seen in the Qatar Ladies Open court back in 2011. Currently, Caroline Wozniacki, is going out with the professional golfer, Rory McElroy.

Beautiful Female Athlete’s Achievements

Forbes has reported that this beautiful female athlete, Caroline Wozniacki, is the second highest earner of the world in the field of tennis. These statistics are of 2011. Many, such as the SportsPro have termed Caroline Wozniacki as the most marketable female athlete of the world, 9th was her rank.

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