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Top Celebrity – Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts Top Celebrity

Naomi Watts Top CelebrityThe lady who gained a lot of fame for her highly professional acting skills in the movie The Ring and who is known for her pretty English-Australian features is none other than Naomi Watts. Naomi Watts is the winner of a number of awards and she has also been nominated for a number of films that she has done in her Hollywood film career.

Naomi Watts’s career did not start immediately thorough Hollywood movies as she started working as an actor through a big hit Australian television series Hey Dad.  Naomi Watts did a number of television series which helped her gain a lot of fame. These series were a big step forward for Naomi Watts’s Film career in Hollywood.

Talking about the early life of Naomi Watts, she comes from an English family and she was born in Kent, England. Naomi Watts’s mother worked as the costume and set designer as well as the sound manager for Pink Floyd. Naomi Watts comes from a broken family as her parents divorced when she was four years of age. Her mother, aunts and grandparents raised her and her brother.

Naomi Watts’s parents reconciled after some time however. Her dad passed away two years after the reconciliation. One interesting thing about Naomi Watts is that after she moved to Australia with her mother and brother, she and the very famous actress Nicole Kidman became class fellows.

Naomi Watts shares close association with England and Australia. According to her, England is where she spent the first fourteen years of her life and she considers herself to be very English. However, she loves Australia for the powerful and remarkable memories that place gave to her, she adds.  Naomi Watts wanted to become an actress and in order to achieve this goal in her life; she made a lot of attempts which failed in the first place. She even signed herself up for modeling and went to Japan for a better modeling career however; failure led her back to Australia.

The leading hits in Naomi Watts’s career include The Ring (English remake of a horror Japanese movie) and 21 Grams. 21 Grams was the first movie which made Naomi Watts achieve her first nomination too. The Ring is also an integral part of Naomi Watts’s Hollywood career as the movie not only helped her gain fame but a lot of wealth too.

Naomi Watts has worked with a number of big stars including Heath Ledger, Sean Penn, Orlando Bloom and certain others. It was reported that she and Heath Ledger were together as a couple for sometime too. Naomi Watts has also worked for a number of charity organizations and firms too.

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