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Jennifer Lawrence Best Actress

Jennifer Lawrence Best ActressThe beautiful Jennifer Lawrence is well known as Katniss Everdeen, was born in the city of Louisville, Kentucky. She has been blessed with two elder brothers and living as happy family with her parents. New York City has played vital role in changing fate of beautiful “Jen” at age of 14. She has strong motivation to gain fame in her future with career of her dream. Lawrence graduated from high school two years early in order to begin acting.

Jennifer Lawrence was uncovered by a local photographer in New York City when she was enjoying her summer vacations with her mom during year 2005. This photographer took her to modeling agent and she has started her career as a model but she was involved in certain other activities such as cheer leading, field hockey, softball. She started her career by scoring some commercials and film roles. Jennifer Lawrence has been cast for few small budget movies such as The Bill Engvall show, The Poker House and famous The Burning plain. These movies become first step for her career. Her family got shifted to Los Angeles and she got a bright chance to enlighten her future. Jen has never reported to taken any kind of drama and acting lessons for acting but possessed natural talent that she has been flaunt in her acting. She stated out acting with TBS comedy, The Bill Engvall Show. She played role of elder daughter names as Lauren Pearson.

Jennifer Lawrence has traveled to New York City in spring of 2004 where her modeling talent was appreciated by many modeling agencies who wanted to hire this beautiful young lady at any price. She was known as best cold reader at such small age. Her mother did not wanted her to choose career of modeling but Jen’s talent and strong motivations dragged her to New York City where she had few auditions and impressed many modeling agencies. She appeared in many commercials there but MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16” has made her way to success.

This role has made her able to earn desire fame and showed world what talent she has got actually. She played a role in movie Devil You Know has gifted her career to take one step up and starting believe in her talent. Ree in “Winter’s Bone” has handed Jen Academy Award and Golden Globe nomination. She has managed to scored position of number 10 rank on the 2011 Maxim List of “Hot 100” women and also She has been titled as most “sexiest eyes” by famous Victoria’s Secret what is Sexy list in year 2012. She has eventually got some subdued and irresistible style quality that captures eyes of all viewers. She is known as pretty princess in her pink Grecian dress that she styled with silver shoes and very light soft curls back to 2008.

After leading role of Mystique in X-men First Class movie, Jen secured to get role in big screen block blaster movie “The Hunger Games” where she played role of Katniss Everdeen. Although she was big fan of this novel, it took her three days to accept the proposal of this movie. It has been said that she was initially scared from the size of the movie and what it come out, that might affect her acting fame. She had survived through different training to shape her in her leading roles that includes all stunts, rock and tree climbing, running and even yoga to shape her body.

This movie become one of the highest grossing movie that struggled high to earn $407 million at the domestic box office and promoted little Jen to A category among actresses. She has been scheduled her cast for further sequels of Three Hunger Games which is going to release for year of 2013, 2014 and 1015.

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