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How to Build Raised Garden Beds

Raised Garden Beds

Raised Garden BedsThe compact box allows perfect drainage or vegetables, fruits and flowers. The soil mixing allows or better growth of them, in order to make a raised garden bed a good quality red wood is required which is rot resistant indeed. The wood cut by the power saw to shape up. Oil based sealer is applied on wood when finally cut. Direct sun exposure is important. Wood screws, PVC pipes, hardware cloth, galvanized tube straps, redwood, power saw or table, wooden board, planting mix, spray, are all required ingredients essential to build raised garden bed.

Raised bed gardens save the garners and the people who love gardening to take a control over the poor soil texture and the bed allows them to oversee what the soil conditions. The raised gardened bed is building few inches above the ground and the wooden structure keep the ingredients intact in confined form. Not only vegetables, fruits and flowers can be cultivated but shrubs, herbs and perennials can be raised as well.

The raised garden beds have several pros as compare to cultivating organic food as it facilitates you to plant in easy way. It allows good drainage. The soil is constructed in defined way and is compacted. It’s an improvised way to tailor the soil and adjustments can be made according to your plan. Raised bed gardening is far better than conventional garden.

Such contained raised beds have gained popularity in recent decades and various materials can be selected to add on the raised garden bed. Wood is a better option to construct the bed because it is cheaper but bricks, stones;concrete block can also be utilized. Straws can also be to configure the raised bed but they possess less life as compare to wood and are decompose quickly. Some gardens make use of the bales and straws to build the raised garden bed by adding soil and then plant it up. It requires them to change all the straws and bales annually which don’t seem to be a permanent solution.

The raised garden beds have significance but it should be learn how to build the raised garden bed. First of all it requires the gardeners to follow few steps:

1. Select the Location, the sun exposure is very essential for the vegetables, herbs, flowers and plants to grow. The flat surface, water access is must because it’s all about the accessibility to your raised garden bed.

2. The second step is toSelect the Width, Size and Depth of The Raised Bed well the size of the garden matters a lot , try to keep your garden atleast 4 -5 feet wide so that if the raised garden bed is placed in the middle it can be approach easily from all possible directions. By keeping the width in control any length can work easily. Depth should be at least 6 inches deep for the proper growth of vegetables. Depending upon the vegetable you want to grow can determine the depth of soil need in bed. It can go till 10 inches deep.The wasted magazine papers , newspapers , cardboards , wooden boards, can be used to cover it and further the soil can be added , depending on which herbs or vegetables to grow it requires to you to loosen the soil with fork or shovel at-least to 10 -13 inches deep.

3. Build Your Beds 2/6 lumber is best for to construct the bed. After cutting the pieces attach them and make up a frame, after joining pre drill the corners and attach them with screws.

4. Balancing the frame the frame should be balance from all sides the level frame doesn’t allow water leakage and remove all the loop holes. Maintain your raided garden bed, the whole purpose of raised garden bed is to provide you the chance to grow your favorite materials in composite soil and sow the seeds in your own way.

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