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Anne Hathaway ProfileEveryone knows a lot about the famous American celebrity, Anne Hathaway. Let’s talk a little about her personal life. Her full name is Anne Jacqueline Hathaway; she was born on November 12 in 1982 in Brooklyn in New York City.  Anne Hathaway graduated from the Milburn High school. She even got lots of awards in school.

Well if we talk about Anne Hathaway look she is really pretty and attractive. She was raised as a catholic and from there she learned the strong values. She is a daughter of an actress and her father is a lawyer. Anne Hathaway grew up in the Millburn in the New Jersey.  Her childhood was really good; in fact she was accepted by The Barrow group. She learned a lot from there.

Anne Hathaway movies played an important role in her success but before that she was acting in a number of television programs.  Anne Hathaway started her acting career from theater and then suddenly appeared on TV in Get real.  She got fame from their than she played the role of Mia Thermopolis in the princess diaries in 2001.

Anne Hathaway kept on working in television series for a little while but then she started appearing in the film and she got the main role in the movie Ella Enchanted. It was a very famous Anne Hathaway movie which got a lot of success. In 2004, Anne Hathaway worked in the sequel of the princess diaries 2: The royal engagement. This film got a positive feedback and it was a big hit.  The critics even said that she is a beautiful and versatile actress.

In 2005, she worked in Havoc and Brokeback Mountain and her roles were dramatic. In the year 2006, famous celebrity Anne Hathaway worked in The Devil wears Prada. It is full of comedy. This one was of the Anne Hathaway movies which made her respect the fashion industry more. Anne Hathaway movies are one of its own kinds. She was once cast for a movie comedy knocked up but she refused to do it because of some scene. The director of that movie said that she refused it because she didn’t permit them to use original footage that a woman is giving birth. Later she was asked about it but her she refused it and said that it was a very normal typical story.

Besides working in movies, Anne Hathaway also hosted the NBC comedy show which was named as Saturday night live. 2008 was a very lucky year for her; she premiered the drama Rachel getting married and Passengers.

The fan of Anne Hathaway movies says that she is an actress who knows how to work and she is the favorite actress. In 2009, Anne Hathaway worked in the movie Bride wars. The film got a lot of appreciation and it did the business of $58 million at the box office. The same year Anne Hathaway, worked in the Valentine’s Day too.

Anne Hathaway has even worked in number of movies such as becoming Jane, Get smart, Hoodwinked and many others. She got a lot of fame and respect. She even dated with Raffaello Follieri in 2004; he was an Italian real state developer. Last year in September Anne Hathaway got married to actor and a jewelry designer named Adam Shulman.  According to her she has the best husband and she is blessed to have him.

Well, other than acting this celebrity is also playing a positive role in the society. Anne Hathaway is involved in Charities. She is working with lots of NGOS. She is working for an organization such as the creative coalition, the step up women’s network, the human right campaign. In the year 2008, Anne Hathaway said that she has stopped smoking and told that is this smoking is very injurious to health. She even told that she is a vegetarian. She has worked a lot and her hard work has given her everything and she deserves it.

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