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Melania Trump debunks divorce rumors with rare appearance next to Donald

In Palm Beach, Florida at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club, Former United State President Donald Trump and his wife accompanied a beneficent event. Rumors since the lead up to their White House departure this year the couple’s relationship has been the subject of divorce.

For the rare appearance alongside Republican National Committee donors, Mrs. Trump wore a $1,900 white dress by Giambattista Valli. Videos on social media show the former First Lady walking behind the former President as they are greeted by an ovation from guests.

The couple looked relaxed as Mrs. Trump linked arms with Mr. Trump. An expert gave her belief that Mrs. Trump has stayed married to Mr. Trump because “there was more in it for her to stay than to go”. Mary Jordan, the author of ‘The Art of Her Deal.

The untold story of Melania Trump. who told People magazine that Melania favored sticking with her husband than leaving him during his presidency? Some sources told her “over and over again” that she recommended, “there was more in it for her to stay than to go”.

Kate Andersen Brower, the author of First Women, told People magazine that Ms. Trump was “the most reluctant First Lady we’ve had in modern history”. She added more that: “The First Lady is supposed to act as the ‘consoler in chief,’ especially when you’re married to a man who is so inept at consoling people and has a real empathy gap there.”

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