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Tanya Roberts left entire estate to common-law husband, handwritten will reveals


Former Bond Girl Tanya Roberts, who died in January at 65, left behind a handwritten will that made sure her pet goldfish and two dogs got taken care of — but specifically cut out some of her closest relations.

The document, filed Wednesday in Los Angeles, leaves everything to Robert’s common-law husband, Lance O’Brien, including her $3 million home and pension.

“I know you don’t love me but you have been a true friend and for that I’m gratefull [sic]” she wrote to him, adding that he was her “best friend.”

The papers also make it clear that the “A View to a Kill” star didn’t want any of her possessions going to her sister Barbara Leary or nephew Zack, who filed paperwork the same day contesting the will.

Roberts, who was an animal rights activist, wrote that she wanted O’Brien to take care of her dogs Muttley and Sox.

Roberts also included the provision that, should O’Brien sell their $3 million house, he has to find a new home for the couple’s pet fish with a “fish lover who won’t throw cigarettes [sic] in the pond.”

“The dogs and fish take care of them like I do,” Roberts wrote to O’Brien in the will. If O’Brien was unable to properly provide for the fish, he was to give them to “Steve Fish Care,” the will said.

Tragically, Roberts added, “I have no reason to live,” telling O’Brien, “have a good life and don’t blame this on yourself. I was always [too] sensitive to live in this world.”

Roberts and O’Brien had been together for 15 years. He was with her after she collapsed on hike and was hospitalized Christmas Eve 2020.

Roberts’ handwritten will — which is known as a “holographic will” under California law — was verified by her long-term publicist, friend, and manager, Mike Pengel.

Pengel had caused confusion in January when he mistakenly announced that Roberts had died two days before she actually passed, forcing him to issue a retraction before news of her actual death was later announced.

Roberts’ sister, Barbara Leary, told The Post she was “in total shock” over her sibling’s death.

“[May her] beautiful soul rest in peace … I’m terribly, terribly sad,” Leary said.

Bronx-born Playboy cover girl Roberts achieved a second-act high with “That ’70s Show,” in which she played Midge Pincotti, mother to Laura Prepon’s Donna, for six years.

O’Brien told People magazine that Tanya, born Victoria Leigh Blum, “loved ‘That ’70s Show’ more than anything in the world … more than any of her movies,” because “she could come home, have dinner at home, see the dogs” after wrapping.

So-called “holographic wills” — handwritten and signed by their author — are only legal in certain situations in California, according to San Francisco-area law firm Pedder, Hesseltine, Walker & Toth.

“It must be clear that the individual drafting the document intended for it to actually serve as their will. There must also be no question that the testator, or person writing it, had testamentary capacity, or was of sound mind when they drafted the document. [And] the handwriting on the document must be verified as the drafter’s.”

California state law does not require a holographic will to be dated in order to be considered valid, they also note.

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