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Sarah Ferguson sends public message to Harry and Meghan during This Morning appearance

Sarah Ferguson

During her visit on This Morning today, Sarah, Duchess of York, addressed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to the general public. On Thursday, March 30, the 63-year-old royal appeared with hosts Holly Willoughby and Joel Dommett on the popular ITV program.

And during their conversation with the Duchess, the subject of Prince Harry and Meghan soon came up. In order to promote her brand-new romance book, A Very Fascinating Woman, Sarah made an appearance on the renowned This Morning couch.

The royal interview would not have been complete without mentioning Harry and Meghan, who has recently drawn criticism from certain members of the public for their statements regarding the Royal Family.

“You were greeted with open arms when you traveled to America, would you say you kind of understand why Prince Harry went to America himself?” questioned The Masked Singer presenter Joel.

Sarah responded with a wry smile, “I suppose I’m American, and I think we give people a second opportunity.” “I believe they gave me a great opportunity… well, they still do,” the king said. I also enjoy being there.

“And I wish Harry, Meghan, and the family success there,” she said. And it is amazing how hospitable Americans are, she said. I will always express my gratitude to the American people.

The queen herself compared Sarah’s latest book to “Jane Austen’s meets Peaky Blinders with a little touch of 50 Shades.” “It’s very exciting,” Sarah said when describing the book. “I think with literally every page I’ve thrown a dream and a wish,” she added.

sarah ferguson
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And I wish Harry and Meghan and the family the best of luck there.

Sarah smiled and said, “I think so! I think the book will possibly surpass Harry’s tell-all memoir Spare in the charts. “And Jeffrey Archer too!” she said. Remove them! The most crucial thing, however, is to maintain your optimism.
I believe there is too much rudeness, that social media is a cesspool, and that cyberbullying must stop.

“Whenever someone asks me about Harry or anything else, I always respond, ‘Let’s simply look at kindness,’ and one of the Queen’s messages was that greater compassion was needed because it clearly dissipates animosity. She said, “Why am I attempting a new profession at 63 – well, the first book I was 61 – but I enjoy it, and that you can have a new job at 63.

“You can genuinely be Sarah; you’re not simply a wife, grandmother, ex-wife, or a Duchess. Don’t give up, anyone watching.” She then teased: “We’ve signed to TV! “, hinting that the book would soon be shown on television screens. Fergie frequently expresses her opinions about Harry and Meghan.

She spoke about the couple’s connection earlier this year. Meghan received praise from Sarah, a.k.a. “Fergie,” for giving her husband “a love that he’s never had before.”

According to Fergie, who was speaking to the PA news agency, “I look at how much she [Meghan] loves him [Harry] and loves the children and gives him a love that he’s never had before. That is how I see it.

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