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Experts weigh in on everything The Royal family ‘lost’ after Meghan Markle’s exit

Experts and royal commentators recently spilled the beans behind the opportunities the royal family regained once Meghan Markle decided to leave for good.

This claim was brought forward by Molly Mulshine and Christina Garibaldi during their appearance on the Us Weekly Royally US podcast with royal author Sean Smith.

Ms. Garibaldi was the one to bring up the topic of transition and was quoted saying, “He said that Meghan brought some life into the monarchy and brought something that’s been missing for a long time. Now that she’s not there, it’s definitely a different situation.”

Even Ms. Mulshine added in agreement, “It’s a little bit just back to the same old same old. I feel like a lot of people are either for this or against this. The whole concept of saying that a woman has made a man into something is so old school.”

“They’re both adults, it’s not like they met and got married at 21. They were both in their late 30s when they met. Yes, they’ve probably both mutually benefited from knowing each other because it’s very clear that they’re in love.

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