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Prince William Is Being Advised To Make Up With Meghan Markle

Prince William

Unless you see a pig flying in the sky, there’s a slim chance that this will ever happen. Royal experts say that if Prince William wants to be the next King of England, then if there’s one thing he shouldn’t be doing, it’s excluding his mixed-face family members.

That, of course, includes his sister-in-law Meghan Markle and her two children with Prince Harry, Archie Harrison and Lilibet Diana. Here’s what you need to know.

Prince William has made it no secret that he would rather watch several seasons of the legal drama ‘Suits’ then be stuck in the same room again with his brother’s wife.

Prince William Is Being Advised To Make Up With Meghan Markle
But if William expects to be a future leader of the monarchy, then he needs to stop behaving like a person who can’t let go of grudges, at least that’s what royal author Robert Lacey believes.

Speaking to Tom Sykes of the Daily Beast, Lacey puts it this way, “William cannot preside over a monarchy that excludes the only mixed race members of the family on grounds of sibling dispute.

And as far as Meghan and Harry are concerned, the bottom line is that they can have a constructive disagreement with the royal family but if it becomes functional, and if they turn into a modern-day Duke and Duchess of Windsor, then they might cease to be as attractive to their American sponsors.

Yes, Meghan was a very successful actress in her own right, but I think even she would acknowledge that she wouldn’t have become an international superstar had she not married in to the royal family. The Sussex brand is, fundamentally, royal.”

If that weren’t enough, Lacey also admitted that palace courtiers behind the scenes are also sick of this back-and-forth bickering between Prince William and Prince Harry.

He added, “Everyone else is keen to move on, but in respect of this dispute, the brothers themselves seem stuck in the past, fighting out some personal battle.

If you look at the actual grounds of the dispute between them, it arguably starts with William’s suggestion that Harry should move more slowly, and William questioning Harry whether he was sure “this girl” would fit into their system.

Well, the brothers got over that. But, as I reveal in the update of the book, the split of the households came about with the revelations to William of the allegations of bullying against Meghan.”

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