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Royal Historians Revealed Prince Philip Groom Prince William As A Future King

Prince Philip was not just a grandfather but a responsible monarch who prepared Prince William as a future king of Great Britain.

A royal historian, Robert Legacy said that Prince Philip was the one who proposed the idea to Queen who launched the little William in afternoon tea. He realized the importance of William as a successor but, refrain from such meetings with the Queen. When Queen had lunch and dinner times, Philip used to accompany Harry in some outdoor activities.

As per Penny Juror, a royal expert said that Harry grew in a more relaxed environment due to his grandfather’s influence. Both grandchildren are dutiful but, William was more important in both grandparents’ lives.

Prince William and Harry both stated to express love for Philip. William’s tribute revolved around his future role as a king and Harry’s was about the bond they shared. As per Elain Swann, William made the first move to meet Harry at the funeral. He added William was welcoming to Harry and ready to resolve issues.

The reports said Prince Philip was advised to avoid watching Prince Harry’s interview when he was admitted to the hospital. Royal expert Russell Myers said that Prince Philip that interview idea was “complete madness”.

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