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Queen Elizabeth Is All Set To Be Dethrone After 95th birthday, Gossips On Prince Philip’s Funeral

A report claimed that Queen Elizabeth II is all set to leave the throne after her 95th birthday after Philip’s funeral.

As she is in deep sorrow, she is ready to take retirement from royal duties. Woman’s Day resources said that Prince Philip’s dying wish was to make their eldest son Charles the new king.

The couple discussed the future of monarchy last month when he was facing heart problems. It is also expected that she will be stepping down after her 95th birthday.

Though, she has dedicated herself to the throne for a lifetime. Since his husband has died, her perspective has changed.

As per Gossip Cop probe the case and find it unbelievable. It also noted that Women’s Day publishes false reports.

We remember when it claimed Princess Anne has taken the crown from Charles, but the succession is determined by the parliament. Another rumor was exposed when it said Prince William was the new king.

Express claimed that the royal family wants to go out of business with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle especially the queen. Harry has already discussed the issue with the royal family members at Prince Philip’s funeral.  

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