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Pete Davidson and Madelyn Cline Reportedly Split “Their Split Was Amicable”

Pete Davidson and Madelyn Cline
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Pete Davidson and Madelyn Cline are rumored to have ended their relationship. The couple, first romantically linked in September 2023, reportedly “ended things fairly recently,” according to a source quoted by US Sun, adding that their split was “amicable.”

Davidson, 30, and Cline, 26, had kept their romance mostly under wraps, though they were occasionally seen showing support for each other and were spotted holding hands. Despite their low-key public displays of affection, the pair were said to have been “going really well” and “very much in love” by April of this year.

Us Weekly reported that Davidson’s mother and sister were “very happy” for him and thought Cline was “lovely.” The couple’s relationship was described as working well because “they’re both independent and give each other space to miss each other,” according to an insider.

Davidson and Cline began dating after both had exited long-term relationships, with Davidson previously dating Chase Sui Wonders and Cline previously with Chase Stokes. Their new romance seemed to flourish as they bonded over their shared experiences and mutual understanding of each other’s busy schedules.

Throughout their relationship, the couple managed to keep a relatively low profile, avoiding the constant spotlight that often follows Davidson. They were seen enjoying casual outings and spending quality time together away from the public eye. Their ability to maintain privacy likely contributed to the strength of their bond during their time together.

Despite the breakup, both Davidson and Cline are reportedly handling the situation with maturity and grace. Sources close to the couple emphasize that there are no hard feelings and that they remain on good terms. The amicable nature of their split suggests that they both value their time together and respect each other’s futures.

Fans of the couple will undoubtedly be disappointed by the news, but it appears that both Davidson and Cline are moving forward with their lives in a positive and respectful manner. As they continue their careers and personal journeys, their amicable split sets a hopeful example of how relationships can end on good terms, even in the public eye.

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