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NBC anchor makes an emotional announcement about a health diagnosis

WHO 13 News

Calyn Thompson of NBC affiliate WHO 13 News in Iowa disclosed her breast cancer diagnosis on television on Wednesday morning.

“Six months ago, I did an interview during breast cancer awareness month reminding you to stay up to date on your mammograms. Little did I know that interview would foreshadow the beginning of my own journey,” said Thompson.

“Each day you welcome us into your homes so we can share the stories of others. Rarely are we the ones the story is about, but I wanted to share something personal with you that’s taking place in my life. This past November, I was diagnosed with breast cancer,” she shared.

The anchor continued, “My medical team is confident it is treatable and curable, and I am completely confident in my medical team. I have completed six chemotherapy treatments, and it feels so good to have that hurdle behind me.”

Thompson also expressed her feelings at finding out about her diagnosis, saying, “It was a shock when I found out I had breast cancer. And it honestly took me several weeks to process. I asked a lot of ‘whys?’ and have found that maybe using my platform here at WHO 13 News to share my story is ‘my why.’ If I can help even one person, it will be worth it.” She also advised viewers that anybody may get breast cancer, therefore tests are critical, even if you believe you are too young.

“I share my story for awareness. I was diagnosed two weeks after I turned 28 years old. I’ve learned cancer doesn’t discriminate; not with age or profession, it can happen to anyone. Don’t put off preventative screenings. And if something doesn’t feel right like it didn’t for me, please go get it checked out by your doctor. Early detection does save lives,” she urged viewers.

Thompson thanked the morning show’s viewers for tuning in and helping her stay optimistic through such a tough period.

She added, “Little do you know how much you’ve been here for me these past few months. There were some mornings I didn’t feel like getting up and going, but you helped me find the strength to get here and deliver the news. Coming to work every day has been the sense of normalcy and purpose I’ve needed to get through this medical journey.”

She ended her message by saying she’ll undergo surgery later this month and will be out of work for a few weeks to heal and rest, but she’ll be “back and better than ever.” Her co-anchors Justin Surrency and Megan Salois extended their support and praised her strength when she revealed her condition.

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