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Monica Bellucci with her daughters Deva and Leonie in Portofino

Monica Bellucci daughters Deva and Leonie

For several days, 56-year-old Monica Bellucci has been vacationing in the Italian city of Portofino with two daughters from her former 54-year-old lover Vincent Cassel: 16-year-old Deva and 11-year-old Leonie.

But not only local beauty attracted the star family – in Portofino, but the eldest daughter of Monica and Vincent also came to the shooting.

The Deva, who has long established herself in the fashion industry, is filming a new ad for Dolce & Gabbana here, and her mother and sister provide her with moral support.

While the young model is busy with work, Monica and Leonie also do not waste time in vain and enjoy all the delights of summer vacation.

The other day, Monica, along with Leonie and a friend, was photographed in one of the local restaurants, where they sat on the veranda at lunchtime.

Monica does not mind the choice of her eldest daughter. Deva is still much more attracted to the fashion industry than cinema. But her parents do not impose their opinion on her and often support her on the set.

At 16, she boasts a large army of fans who say that she inherited all the best from her parents: beauty and talent.

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