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Angelina Jolie struggling with her varicose veins but refuses surgery: Rumor

Angelina Jolie struggling with her varicosestruggling with her varicose

Angelina Jolie is, allegedly, struggling with the unsightly appearance of her varicose veins.

According to Globe, Angelina Jolie has been dealing with her varicose veins for years. However, the mom of six doesn’t want to undergo surgery.

“Angie’s biggest hang-up is her veins, but she was scared to have them taken care of because the surgery can be painful and complicated and require more than one procedure.

Now, though, she’s feeling courageous and looking into it because summer is here and those varicose veins are obviously making her feel uneasy enough to hide them under long skirts and trench coats,” the source said.

Angelina Jolie stressed over her varicose veins
The source added that it’s a source of concern because varicose veins surgery is not to be taken lightly. After all, Jolie is, allegedly, fragile and very thin.

The tabloid then spoke to a so-called health expert that weighed in on the matter even though he has never treated or even met the actress.

“There are dishonest doctors who inject prominent veins and that treatment increases risk for forming clots,” the source said.

Angelina Jolie dealing with other stressors
The insider also claimed that Jolie is dealing with a lot of problems that could raise her blood pressure. And when this happens, her veins will bulge even more.

The health expert also said that Jolie’s tattoos can put her in grave danger if she gets surgery.

“Some people develop allergic reactions to the ink. And it can also cause scars and infections. And some tattoo inks contain nickel, lead, and other cancer-causing agents,” the source said.

The tabloid is speculating on Jolie’s varicose veins after she was photographed in New York.

They claimed that the actress has been trying to hide her bulging veins which is why she wears layers of clothing. However, this isn’t the cast.

Rumors debunked
Angelina Jolie has never expressed any concern over her varicose veins. So, it’s unclear why the tabloid is claiming that she’s worried about it.

By the looks of it, the tabloid is just trying to concoct lies about the actress. And this is something that they have been doing for years.

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