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The Complex Reasons for Meghan Markle’s Unpopularity in U.K: Family Ties, Image and Hollywood Past

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle has been a divisive figure in the U.K since her marriage to Prince Harry in 2018. The couple’s choice to resign as senior royals and migrate to the United States simply added fuel to the fire. While it is impossible to pinpoint a single cause for the conflict, several factors contribute to Meghan’s response in Britain.

According to Touré, a writer for The Grio, “part of the real problem is race.” The British royal family is an example of whiteness as an institution. Meghan’s arrival in the family called this perspective into question, forcing people to confront the concept of racial equality in a setting where whiteness was previously unchallenged. Some saw the idea of a royal marrying outside their race threatened the family’s unique status, leading to a negative response.

Meghan’s multiracial background, as freelance writer R. S. Locke noted in 2021, invalidated the prerequisites of birth and blood that had traditionally established eligibility for royal rank. Her pride in her heritage and as well as her insistence on thinking of herself as equal to other royals led to allegations of ingratitude. The royal family mostly ignored the media’s attention on Meghan’s ethnicity, thus isolating her from the British public.

Outsider in America Meghan’s nationality and upbringing contribute to her unpopularity. Meghan is an American with humble origins, as opposed to Kate Middleton, who comes from an elite British family. The “conservative criteria” of the British people appear to favor Kate, whereas Meghan is met with a colder, more hostile response.

Meghan Markle’
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Family Ties, Image, and A Hollywood Past 

The British royal family has always maintained a polished image, which stands in stark contrast to Meghan’s unusual familial background. Her separation from her father, Thomas Markle Sr., and her strained relationship with her step-siblings have fostered the idea that she does not live up to the British public’s expectations of a member of the royal family.

Meghan’s prior acting career has also contributed to her unpopularity among conservative British citizens. Despite her success in Hollywood, her parts in TV shows such as Suits have not won her fans among those who dislike her acting background.

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Breaking Royal Tradition

Meghan has come under fire for her apparent disrespect for royal protocol and history. Her insistence on following her own instincts and opinions, even when they contradict established royal customs, has earned her criticism.

Meghan has been widely blamed for the couple’s expulsion from the royal family, which the media has called “Megxit.” Despite the couple’s stated desire for financial independence and continuous support for Queen Elizabeth II, the British public has blamed Meghan for their departure, ignoring the complex factors that led to their departure.

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