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Experts weigh in on Meghan Markle’s ‘guts’ for US presidential bid

Meghan Markle ‘guts’ for US presidential bid
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A constitutional expert and biographer recently weighed in on Meghan Markle’s gut amid speculations of a future presidential run.

A renowned biographer recently sat down for a chat and highlighted the ‘guts’ Meghan Markle has regarding her alleged presidential run.

The claim has been brought forward by royal biographer Tom Bower and in his piece for The Sun, he shed light on Meghan’s possible 10-year plan to land a spot in the White House.

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His piece read, “With the support of Democrat godfathers the Clintons and the Obamas, Meghan should have little difficulty getting ­nominated as one of the state’s 40 Congressmen sent to Washington.”

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“If Californians flock to her ­Crusade for Goodness, then after two terms — just four years — she can establish her political roots.”

“After that, fate would take over. If one of the state’s two Senate seats comes free and she has ­mastered the trade, a mixed-race woman should be a strong runner. She could also run for the state’s governorship, one of ­America’s most prestigious offices.”

“At the end of ten years, the prime of a politician’s life, her record could well justify a bid for the Democrat nomination for the presidency. Meghan certainly has the guts and self-belief to fight to the top of the greasy pole.” – geo.tv

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