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Meghan Markle DEFENDS her fight for paid leave issue despite ‘precedent amongst husband’s family’

Meghan Markle ‘guts’ for US presidential bid
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Meghan Markle recently joined New York Times BookDeal Online Summit where she discussed professional parity and more. The Duchess of Sussex also touched upon her decision to fight for the paid leave issue in the US and defended that it wasn’t a “political” but a humanitarian in a seeming response to the backlash she had received for the same.

During the event, Meghan was asked if she had any anxiety about getting involved in politics after she recently wrote a letter to Congress advocating for paid family leave and also cold-called senators about getting involved in the issue.

Denying that her fight for the issue is a political engagement, the Duchess of Sussex said, “I don’t see this as a political issue, frankly.”

Adding on about how things have been different for the Royal family and its members who maintain a neutral stand on political issues, Markle defended her decision saying, “Look, there is certainly a precedent amongst my husband’s family and the royal family of not having any involvement in politics but I think this is, I mean, paid leave, from my standpoint, is a humanitarian issue,” via The Independent

The Duchess of Sussex further continued adding that she has always stood up for what’s right since she was a child. Markle also agreed that it’s an issue that is closer to their heart even more now after the birth of her and Prince Harry‘s two children.

Markle had received backlash over political activism especially for referring to herself as the Duchess of Sussex while addressing letters to US Senators. according to The 19th.

Watch more of Meghan’s DealBook panel below:

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