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Meghan Markle’s Book Tanks, Panned By Critics

Meghan Markle

British royal family news reveals that Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex’s book The Bench didn’t meet expectations as it has failed to top the bestseller list when it debuted today. Meanwhile, the book by the woman she ripped apart in an ugly Oprah Winfrey tell-all continues to reign supreme on the bestseller list.

That would be her SIL Kate Middleton who she termed “Waity Katy.” Who’s waiting now, Meghan?

While Kate’s photography book debuted at number two and continues to sell like crazy weeks later, Meghan’s controversial kid’s book has been panned by the critics.

Meghan’s Book Is Panned By The Critics
The Telegraph gave Meghan’s book a one-star review and this non-endorsement: “it’s hard to imagine any child enjoying it.”

The Evening Standard described the tome as “schmaltzy,” and casual readers gave it a huge thumbs-down. Amazon reviews were not glowing with many pointing out Meghan’s awful grammar.

One UK customer gave it a one-star review and wrote, “We didn’t enjoy this book at all – I have no idea why the author thought this story would appeal to children. It’s incredibly boring and uninspiring.”

Other customers found it helpful and necessary to recommend other kid’s books after slogging through

Meghan’s: “Not really engaging. Apart from the bad grammar, my grandson, who is 3 years old, was not at all engaged when reading this book together. Will stick to The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Very disappointed.”

Meghan’s Kid’s Book Not Well Received
After announcing her book numerous royal watchers pointed out the awkward fact that there is already a kid’s book with a very similar title and content raising the question of plagiarism.

Meghan responded by saying that the book was inspired by a poem she wrote once upon a time. The bad press may have had a predictable effect with the book being discounted before it hit the stands, and one prominent store chain claiming it would debut in its “storeroom.”

Kate Middleton Has A Best Selling Book
In contrast, senior royal Kate Middleton fared much better in her literary debut which was not all about her and her life with rescue chickens.

The enthusiastic amateur photographer asked the public to submit images that captured the coronavirus pandemic lockdown period and the best 100 stills were published in Hold Still: A Portrait of Our Nation in 2020.

Over 30,000 entrants responded to Kate’s book contest, perhaps exceeding the number of individuals who will actually part with their cash for Meghan’s commercial venture?

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