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Meghan Markle’s response to being interrupted during TV interview resurfaced online: “We can all have that love!”

royal staffers accuse Meghan Markle of cruel bluntness

A video of Meghan Markle’s response to being interrupted during a TV interview in 2016 has gone viral. A video of the Duchess of Sussex’s “cheeky” was found only two months before her first date with now-husband Prince Harry.

It shows Meghan being her famously “good-natured” self during an interview with the Canadian news network Entertainment Tonight. The Duchess of Sussex was advertising her Reitmans fashion shoot to fans when she was stopped by builders.

The then-Suits star was describing how her style differed from that of her on-screen character Rachel Zane while also making the interviewer laugh as she jokes “pause for sound” as she smiled into the camera.

According to Judi James, a body language expert, the old video might be used to better understand Meghan’s “cheeky” nature.

Meghan Markle aggravates people confidence
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Judi told the Express: “Often the most authentic glimpses of any performer’s personality come during the out-takes though. How do they cope when things go wrong? Does the camera-perfect smile fade or a look of irritation appear?”

She added that the reaction to the interruption shows off her character: “Anyone who has ever done an interview to the camera will know that, no matter where you are filming, a drill will start up from somewhere nearby and spoil the shot. Meghan gets interrupted mid-flow by drilling here and her reaction does suggest good-natured sweetness.”

Meghan discusses her love life at the time in the old interview, unaware that she would be starting a romance with Prince Harry just months later. She said she hoped for a relationship similar to that of Ross and Rachel from the TV show Friends.

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Meghan says: “We can all have that love! Ross and Rachel.” Judi goes on to say that you can see Meghan’s excitement when talking about her love life due to “clenching her fists in the air in excitement”.

She said: “When [Meghan] raises her clenched fists in the air in excitement as she claims ‘we should all have that love’ as she talks about Ross and Rachel from Friends, or when she giggles, adopting a self-diminished pose with her elbows pulled into her torso.” Our dedicated American team brings you the most recent news, entertainment, lifestyle, and sports updates.

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