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Meghan Markle can’t comprehend ‘such a viciously attack’

Meghan Markle
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Meghan Markle is reportedly feeling distraught after facing criticism from Spotify executive Bill Simmons. According to an inside source, Simmons referred to her and Prince Harry as ‘grifters.’ This criticism came in light of the couple’s $20 million deal with Spotify, which ended after Meghan’s podcast ‘Archetypes’ released only 12 episodes, as reported by the Express.

Although the Sussexes have moved on to produce new content with Netflix, the source suggests that they may need to reconsider their joint branding approach if they wish to continue monetizing their content successfully.

Last month, both Spotify and Archewell Audio, the production company founded by Harry and Meghan, announced their mutual decision to part ways. However, concerns arose that the streaming giant felt let down due to the lack of output from the royal couple.

During an episode on Spotify, Simmons expressed his regret for not being involved in the negotiations surrounding Meghan and Harry’s departure from the platform. He referred to them as “grifters,” a term commonly used in America to describe individuals who engage in petty swindling or deceptive practices.

Meghan was reportedly deeply affected by this snub, with a source revealing her distress to Closer magazine. The source described the label of “grifters” as humiliating and gut-wrenching, causing Meghan to reflect on the need for change to salvage their popularity. Meghan’s team has reportedly advised her to focus on individual projects instead of being seen solely as part of “Brand Sussex,” emphasizing that pursuing her own endeavors could offer more opportunities to revive her career.

Despite the Spotify setback, Harry and Meghan are actively working on new projects with Netflix. Following the success of their documentary series, “Harry & Meghan,” last year, they have a highly anticipated documentary titled “Heart of Invictus” scheduled for release on Netflix in August.

The documentary focuses on wounded and sick Armed Forces members as they strive to participate in Harry’s cherished Invictus Games. Additionally, a prequel series called “Bad Manners,” based on the character Miss Havisham from Charles Dickens’s novel “Great Expectations,” is believed to be in production, with Harry and Meghan taking the lead.

Despite facing criticism, the couple remains unfazed and determined to rebuild their individual brands. They are reportedly disregarding jealous critics and remain confident in their path. Harry and Meghan maintain a positive attitude, believing that they will achieve great success in Hollywood, with Meghan becoming the queen of the industry while amassing significant wealth.

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