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Wendy Williams’ Rep Responds To Rumors That She’s Been Hospitalized

Wendy Williams

Over the past few years, Wendy Williams has experienced a series of ups and downs. Her health struggles have been widely discussed, leaving many curious about her potential return to television or radio on a full-time basis. Recently, rumors circulated that she had been admitted to a hospital in New York, with reports suggesting her family was monitoring the situation closely. However, Williams’ representative has now addressed these claims.

Initial reports emerged on Friday, stating that the media personality had been in the hospital for several weeks, briefly discharged over the weekend before returning. Around the same time, it was confirmed that Williams would not be appearing as a speaker at the Atlanta Women’s Expo as planned. However, it appears that the news of her hospitalization may not be entirely accurate. Williams’ publicist, Shawn Zanotti, issued a statement to Page Six clarifying the situation, without providing specific details about her health or whereabouts.

Concrete updates on Williams’ well-being have been scarce lately, leaving many to wonder about the true nature of her situation. Nevertheless, the 58-year-old herself has expressed some satisfaction with the progress she has made concerning her health.

I can confirm that Wendy Williams is not in the hospital, as reported. I can also confirm she is not in New York, as reported.

Williams has been battling Graves’ disease, an autoimmune disorder affecting the thyroid, as well as lymphedema, a condition characterized by tissue swelling. In February, she shared her weight, stating that she was at 138 lbs., considering it a favorable number. However, her ongoing health struggles resulted in her absence from the entire 13th and final season of her self-titled show. Concurrently, Williams has faced challenges related to sobriety, and there were allegations in March that she had gone out to “get drunk” shortly after completing a rehab program.

Regarding her professional endeavors, Williams has experienced both successes and setbacks. It was previously announced that she would headline a podcast called The Wendy Williams Experience, expressing her happiness and readiness to work again. However, rumors in March suggested that the podcast had been canceled, although her representative denied these claims. While she has stated that she is “formally retired” at the moment, Williams still expresses a desire to appear on television again in the future.

Before any potential return, her health must take priority. As Wendy Williams continues to navigate this phase of her life, the future remains uncertain. At this point, all we can do is send her well wishes and hope for her continued well-being.

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