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Kourtney Kardashian’s ‘Hourglass Manicure’ Will Revive Your Faith in Nail Art


If the last few years have caused you to abandon nail art entirely, you are not alone. It’s enough to make a minimalist’s head spin with ever-changing micro-trends, 3D floral accents, glow-in-the-dark polish, and mind-bending small illustrations all packed into a single nail.

But what do those minimalists do when they want something a little more intricate than a solid polish? Set your eyes on something a bit more imaginative, like Kourtney Kardashian‘s new “hourglass nails,” instead of the tried-and-true French manicure.

The hourglass nail aesthetic is similar to a French manicure, but it’s more vertical. It was first seen on Instagram ahead of Valentine’s Day. It’s perfect for combining interesting, creative forms with plenty of clean negative space, it’s ideal for those who want a little something different for a special day.

Kourtney Kardashian has always preferred a more understated look than her four famous sisters, and this goes for her manicure choices as well. Sure, Kardashian may occasionally go for something a bit more adventurous check out her crystal-covered Christmas nails but she prefers a more modest look.

The new hourglass manicure fits her style well, with all of the blood-red lacquer color concentrated around the sides of her almond-shaped nails and glossy nude nail beds front and center.

The hourglass manicure, designed by famous nail designer Kim Truong, comprises a thin line of color over the tops of the nails to form a complete loop. The cutouts take up much more space than the colored polish, so it’s never overwhelming, no matter what shade is used.

It’s similar to the technique used in multicolored French tips: keep the vivid colors in one place, and any shade becomes suited for elsewhere. In fact, this new manicure design might spell the end of 2020’s French manicures, which Kardashian and Truong helped popularize.

Consider using hourglass nails to soft-launch a new relationship on Instagram for Valentine’s Day, like Kardashian did with a lovely hand-holding photo back in 2021.

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