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Kim Kardashian Looks Unrecognizable–It’s Scary!

The Kardashian sisters are famous for doing experiments with their looks, but Kim Kardashian recently posted an image to social media that raised a number of eyebrows. The 40-year-old actress looked completely unrecognizable and different. Maybe it is just a new face mask, but fans are shocked. 

On 18th April, Kim posted pictures celebrating sister Kourtney’s birthday on her Instagram where they compared themselves from the pictures of the two back in February 2018 captioning the pic, “Kim convinced me to use this face mask and I feel stunning.”

Kim wrote for her 42-year-old sister, “Happy Birthday to my Armenian Queen @kourtneykardash! The person on this planet I’ve known the longest! The person that will try any beauty treatment with me LOL There’s NO ONE like you!” They don’t look like themselves at all!

Both sisters are wearing the mask of a Korean brand Hanacure that the mask will offer a “camera-ready complexion.” Not only Kardashian, but Drew Barrymore is also obsessed with the brand.

But they are giving people a sign to laugh out of the face altering product. One curious fan asked in the comments, “Does Hanacure work?” Meanwhile, Kourtney commented a number of excited emojis, thanking her younger sister for the birthday wish.

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