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Kim Kardashian Faces Backlash After Sharing Comparison Photo of Daughter Chicago and Sister Kendall Jenner: ‘Feels Wrong’

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After posting a side-by-side comparison of her four-year-old daughter Chicago and her 26-year-old mannequin sister Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian is receiving criticism.

The Kardashians alum reposted the photo from the fan account @kimkardashsassy on Sunday showing a picture of Chicago next to her supermodel aunt. In addition to uploading the comparison photo, in which Jenner and Chicago are both looking directly into the camera and appear filtered, Kardashian also tagged her sister in the now-deleted Instagram Stories post.

Although Kardashian made no more comments, the post has since gone viral on Reddit, where many have questioned whether it is appropriate to compare the 4-year-old to the supermodel.

“This is such a strange post, I don’t know why but comparing your kid’s beauty to someone who’s a full-grown adult is kinda funny to me,” one particular person commented.

Another mentioned: “The way Kim is obsessed with her children’s looks,” prompting another person to assert that it’s “so sad” and seems as if Kardashian is “planning Chicago’s future based on her looks”.

According to another person, they interpreted the publication to imply that “Kim is lowkey implying that’s her ‘future supermodel’”.

“What a strange thing to post,” one particular person commented, whereas another person mentioned: “This feels wrong.”

Others prompt that the post is particularly relevant because it appears to feature edited versions of both Jenner and Chicago, and some fans claim that it isn’t “normal” for Kardashian to share something like this involving a four-year-old.

“This just isn’t normal. Clearly edited photos. Kim is truly delusional and unhinged,” one particular person wrote, whereas one other mentioned: “I really hate how she is forcing her insecurities on those babies. Stop filtering them.”

As per Newsncr, this is not the first time that Kardashian has been accused of filtering or enhancing photographs of the youngest KarJenner family members. Kardashian previously faced criticism after she acknowledged manipulating photographs of Khloe Kardashian’s younger sister True, 4, while she was at Disneyland.

“Ugh, this one needs some serious explaining…” Kardashian wrote after followers identified the apparent enhancement. The actual star claimed that she had edited the photograph to suit her Instagram “aesthetic”.

At the time, Kardashian also claimed that she edited True into the photograph, subsequently changing Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi, after the founder of Kylie Cosmetics asked her sister to not publish the photograph.

“You know how much a good aesthetic means to my soul… and I will be damned if Kylie will ruin that for me and mess up my IG grid,” she wrote, earlier than thanking True for “taking one for the team”.

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