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Kathy Griffin Gives New Health Update About Struggling with Vocal Cord Issues

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Kathy Griffin shares her latest health update a little differently. The comedian has had the habit of posting videos to keep fans up to date on her condition since undergoing surgery as part of the fight against lung cancer, but Griffin instead has a “vocal cord problem.” I posted a type-out message to share that I am suffering from.

“One of the causes of cancer is shortness of breath, deep coughing, pain, extreme fatigue, and in my case it’s difficult to focus on other things when experiencing vocal cord problems. “She revealed. “One of the things I’m not sick of cancer … I dare to say” d ** ahead ??? Try cancer! “I can’t get enough. “

In a health update she posted last month, Griffin shared an interesting way her doctor tried to downplay her condition.

“When you’re a comedian-and when I’ve been dealing with this for years-doctors always want to be comedians,” Griffin shared with a laugh. “So you know I got rid of half of my left lung. So he explained it to me three times like this, but he can’t resist doing it again today. So he says, “You know, the thing about removing leaves from your lungs is that it’s not really that big of a deal.” — In the meantime I’m I feel like I can fall down immediately.

She continued. “He goes.’People don’t realize we’ve found cancer, then we go in, basically, we flip the leaves like balloons, and it’s from a small incision on your side. By the way, I like 17 incisions. He says, “In fact, it’s like taking out a used condom. You can use it.”

Griffin kept laughing at the doctor’s joke and his claim to use it in the next bit before he realized she was doing exactly that.

“Every time he makes that horrible joke, he always says,” You can use it, “so I’m laughing, and I’m always like” OK, buddy. ” But I’m actually using it. Because I find it so funny that this guy keeps saying it, he will probably say it the next time I come in. “

Griffin first revealed in August that he was fighting stage 1 lung cancer, and has since recovered from successful surgery to remove half of his lungs.

“The surgery went smoothly and as planned,” a Griffin representative told ET at the time. “Cathy is now recovering and resting. Doctors say the procedure was surprisingly normal.”

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