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Kate Middleton and Prince William: Baby number 4!

There is no positive news found about Buckingham Palace by Royal family after bombshell interview of Prince harry and Meghan markle. But the keen observation of Royal watchers points out the Prince William Kate are expecting baby number four!

Kate has recently stepped out at a string of royal engagements wearing oversized coats, leading to whispers that she’s trying to hide a growing baby bally. on March 23, in her most recent outing to Westminster Abbey she wears an oversize court and put her hair with same style when she’s was expecting her 3 babies.

Royal author Phil Dampier believes Kate may follow in the footsteps of her grandmother-in-law, the Queen, and her good friend Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, who each have four children with their designations.

Duchess of cambridge Kate would love to have a second girl,”. “She is 40 next year, so I’m sure if she’s going to have a fourth child, it will be soon.”

Biographer Penny Junor also believes it’s possible Kate is expecting, “’. She loves her own siblings and I’m sure likes the idea of her children, in their particular position.”

On these all opinions, it seems that she always has plan of four children’s just like queen. Indeed, during a 2019 tour of Northern Island, Kate told a father that his cute 5-month-old baby made her “broody”.

When asked about a fourth baby, she said: “I think William would be a bit worried.” But, it is now possible that Wills, 38, has come around to the idea of one more child.

Kate suffered hyperemesis (pregnancy vomiting) Her morning sickness was so severe that she withdrew from royal duties and was even hospitalized. “The family need William and Kate so much,” Kate getting pregnant means she is less available for royal duties. But she seems determined to do things her way.”

A new addition could be just the boost the royal family needs after the shocked clam interview in Meghan and Harry’s Oprah interview.

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