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Sara Foster Criticizes Gov. Newsom Amid California’s Issues

Sara Foster Gov Newsom
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David Foster’s prominent daughters, Sara and Erin Foster, openly voiced their disapproval of Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday, attributing California’s declining living standards to his administration and speculating on the state’s drift towards socialism.

Following Erin Foster’s announcement of her relocation to Nashville, Tennessee, the siblings expressed their discontent with their home state. “I’m envious. Many know I’ve often lamented about our city and state,” said 42-year-old Sara Foster on their shared podcast, “The World’s First.” She added, “Relocating isn’t straightforward.”

Among other concerns, the “90210” actress highlighted a proposed bill that might levy a 10-year tax on Californians moving out of the state, primarily targeting the affluent looking to sidestep state taxes.

Though this bill is still under review, the Fosters directed their frustrations squarely at Newsom. “Newsom seems to be the root problem,” stated Sara Foster.

Erin, 41, concurred, remarking they once encountered the governor during a Bahamas trip.

With crime rates soaring, Sara Foster expressed alarm at the state’s deteriorating situation and the proposed legislation, referencing a $267 million budget allocation to bolster local police efforts against rampant robberies in California.

Criticizing Newsom’s governance since 2019, she questioned, “Is the state aiming to emulate Venezuela? Are we transitioning to socialism?”

Previously in April, Sara Foster had expressed her disillusionment with California’s leadership on her Instagram, particularly following the tragic demise of tech entrepreneur Bob Lee in San Francisco. Posting about Lee’s unfortunate incident, she conveyed her grief, stating, “San Francisco is deeply troubled. As a Democrat, I believe liberal politicians are contributing to the city’s decay.”

Sara Foster, a renowned actress and fashion designer, is the daughter of David Foster, the acclaimed 16-time Grammy recipient with over half a century’s legacy in the music world, having collaborated with luminaries like Whitney Houston, Paul McCartney, and Celine Dion.

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